Tooth-colored fillings in Flower Mound balance aesthetics with durability

Posted By Jonathan J. Golab

Did you know tooth decay is a prevalent disorder, second only to the common cold? It is estimated that 92 percent of Americans aged 20 to 64 have cavities in their permanent teeth. Among children, dental damage is more common than obesity, asthma, and diabetes. Decay manifests as holes or cavities that can progress to painful infections and tooth loss. Dr. Jonathan J. Golab in Flower Mound partners with you to avoid this highly-preventable damage. However, should decay develop, he repairs it with tooth-colored fillings. These fillings are designed to look, feel, and function like natural healthy tooth structure. The …

Holistic dentist in Flower Mound stands apart with conservative options

Posted By Jonathan J. Golab

LEWISVILLE, TX – Lewisville dentist Dr. Jonathan Golab treats many patients who are missing teeth and finds that dental implants are often the best way to handle the situation. Dental implants can become reliable replacement teeth for most dental patients. Implants are used in situations where a tooth is missing or where both the tooth and its root have been damaged. “If a tooth is lost,” says Dr. Golab, a Lewisville dentistry provider, “it’s best to get an implant in place right away.” The gap left by a missing tooth can collect food particles and bacteria – leading to additional …

Care from a holistic dental clinic in the Flower Mound area empowers you to keep your smile healthy

Posted By Jonathan J. Golab

The smile is an incredible asset to each of us. Without teeth, the smile has a far different appearance. Teeth give us a nice, healthy appearance when they are bright and in good repair. They also “hold up” the face, keeping the lips and cheeks from falling inward. Chewing, as well, is not efficient when we do not have good, strong teeth to help us break down foods. Dr. Golab and the team in his holistic dental clinic treat families from Flower Mound and surrounding areas with the very best techniques and materials, keeping teeth, smiles, and bodies healthy. Dental …

Guard the health of your smile in our family dental practice near Argyle

Posted By Jonathan J. Golab

From very early in life, boys and girls learn that they should see the dentist every six months. These twice a year visits are intended for a specific purpose, one that does not change when we reach adulthood. Sadly, the busyness of life can make it difficult to remember how vital regular dental care is to a healthy smile. In our family dental practice near Argyle, we do all that we can to make dentistry pleasant for patients of all ages and we encourage our patients to visit regularly so that dental problems are less likely. Brushing and flossing are …

Will a holistic dentist near Double Oak provide teeth whitening treatment?

Posted By Jonathan J. Golab

Today, more of us are mindful about what we put in our body. We may eat better, avoiding processed or sugary foods. We may seek health through natural habits like diet and exercise so that we may avoid the need for medication. Many people even seek dental care from a holistic dentist, wanting to ensure that the most appropriate dental materials and techniques are used to promote oral health. Some may wonder if a holistic dentist will provide cosmetic services like teeth whitening. Dr. Golab, holistic dentist near Double Oak, has been recognized as one of the best cosmetic dentists …

Our holistic dental office gets great reviews in the Highland Village area for good reason

Posted By Jonathan J. Golab

There is one major component of holistic dentistry that sets it apart from the general practices found around the world: our consideration of a patient’s overall wellbeing. When we treat a dental problem, we do so in the context of general health, knowing that what we do to correct the issue will also impact the smile as well as the patient’s emotional and physical wellness. To us, a health mouth is a vital component to a healthy body. The holistic dental office of Dr. Jonathan Golab continually receives outstanding reviews. We are proud to offer patients from Flower Mound, Highland …

Your holistic dentist in the75022 area seeks to preserve natural teeth

Posted By Jonathan J. Golab

As more people are learning there are options in the type of dental care they receive, there are more visits being made with holistic dentists. The area of holistic dentistry remains, for many, somewhat of a mystery. There are only so many ways the teeth can be taken care of, right? While a holistic dentist treats the same dental problems addressed in general dentistry, it is the way that treatments are designed that sets the holistic practice apart. Dr. Jonathan Golab is a holistic dentist who serves patients from 75022 and surrounding areas with care that is focused not solely …

Lewisville residents find holistic solutions to common dentistry problems

Posted By Jonathan J. Golab

I always thought that gum disease was just an infection in the mouth. Is it true that it can cause other health problems? The human body is a single entity, with the same circulatory, neurological, respiratory, and other systems serving all tissues and organs. One of the principles of holistic dentistry is the belief that nothing is strictly confined to one part of the body. What affects the mouth affects the body and vice versa. In recent years, extensive research on the topic of gum disease has supported this belief. Although the infection itself may be confined to the mouth, …

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