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Dental implants are increasing in popularity for many people who have suffered tooth loss. Dental implants can restore much more than just missing teeth. They also restore your beautiful smile, ability to smile and laugh with confidence, and the ability to eat without discomfort. Implants can give you back a healthy smile.

Missing teeth need to be replaced as soon as possible to avoid other problems. A space between the teeth can lead to bite problems, and can allow your other teeth to shift and even become loose. Gaps in teeth allow food particles to become trapped, leading to further gum disease and tooth decay. It is much easier to perform the dental implant procedure before any bone loss has occurred. Ideally a tooth should be replaced as soon as it is lost, but dental implants can be effective no matter how long your tooth has been missing.

A dental implant is used to replace the root of a tooth that was lost. Once the implant is in place it will function exactly the same way a natural root would. The titanium implant integrates into the jawbone so it is very stable. Once the implant is placed and has time to heal, it can be used for a crown, bridge, or to hold a denture or partial denture in place. Dental implants are now being considered the “standard of care.” Implants once had the stigma of being a long and arduous procedure. However, they are now part of mainstream dentistry and are relatively easy, straight forward, and completed in approximately 3 months. This type of restoration will need to be cared like you would care for normal teeth. With proper care implants can last a lifetime.

If you have suffered from tooth loss, it is possible to regain your beautiful, healthy smile. Please come in for a consultation to see what dental implants can do for you.


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