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What To Do When Dental Emergency Happens

Posted on 10/10/2022 by Jonathan J. Golab, DDS, PA
What To Do When Dental Emergency HappensDental emergencies regularly occur in dentistry; no matter how cautious the person is, experiencing this issue is usually complicated. Although some occurrences can be managed by oneself, some are more severe and may require dental assistance.

Causes of Dental Emergencies

The common causes of dental emergencies are a pain in the tooth, dislodgment of a prosthesis, or a dental fracture. Additionally, tooth fractures resulting from falling and hitting rough, scalded surfaces cause severe emergencies.

Furthermore, sporty activities, bicycling, and car accidents can cause dental injuries that result in dental emergencies. Others include breaking a tooth due to eating hard food substances or even oral infections that causes abscessed tooth.

How Do I Know If It Is a Dental Emergency?

Not all dental issues are emergency: some are easily handled at home with few precautionary measures. However, in situations where more than one tooth is lost, the occurrence of an injured mouth, or the presence of an abscessed tooth that causes severe pain, immediate attention is highly required to deal with these issues.

Severe dental injuries can heighten and cause worse problems if not addressed early or treated correctly. When a filling has fallen out, a fractured tooth, or a cut wire from orthodontic appliances, professional dental assistance is required to deal with these issues to prevent more damage to oral health.

What To Do If a Dental Emergency Occurs?

The first step is to call or make a dentist appointment to help analyze the issue. In addition, seeking assistance in an urgent care center or an oral emergency room helps when facing a dental emergency case. Additionally, checking the financial coverage for dental emergencies is essential to know if paying for emergency services is suitable.

In conclusion, it's essential to seek immediate dental assistance in case a dental issue occurs to prevent the buildup of severe dental emergencies that are painful and costly to handle.

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