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All You Need to Know About Dental Bridges

Posted on 10/11/2021 by Jonathan J. Golab, DDS, PA
All You Need to Know About Dental BridgesA dental bridge is a type of prosthesis designed to restore lost dental functions and aesthetics. As its name indicates, dental bridges have an anchor between two pillars, which can be teeth or implants, and have pontic prostheses in the central part.

When Is A Dental Bridge Necessary?

We place dental bridges in patients who suffer from many dental absences. They connect to two or more dental implants depending on their longitude, and can help to avoid jawbone resorption due to allowing for stimulation during the biting and chewing motions. With proper care, the piece can last for several years.

Although it is possible to place dental bridges over natural teeth, it is preferable to anchor them to an implant. This is because in order to place a bridge, we need to prepare the crowns to ensure it will fit in them, and this process can end up weakening them. When there are two contiguous dental absences, it is also recommended to place implants so as not to make the bridge too long, as this could damage the stability of healthy teeth in the medium and long term.

Dental Bridges Advantages

Dental bridges are one of the most used dental solutions for missing teeth. They allow patients to improve their appearance and facial harmony, and are cheaper than placing several individual crowns and implants to restore multiple dental absences. They also restore the functionality of a smile, and keep the jawbone healthy and strong as well.

Losing teeth can decline our quality of life. With dental bridges, patients have a reliable, durable solution that is also more stable and closer to the feel of natural teeth than traditional prostheses. If you are planning on having this kind of procedure, please contact us today so we can advise you throughout the whole process.

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