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Everything you should know about Palate Expanders

Posted on 3/21/2022 by Jonathan J. Golab, DDS, PA
Everything you should know about Palate ExpandersDid you know that your palate is one of the most important parts of your mouth? It's responsible for separating your nasal cavity and throat from your mouth. This means that it plays a crucial role in speech, chewing, and swallowing. However, if you have a narrow palate, it can make these activities more difficult. That's where palate expanders come in. Palate expanders are devices that widen the palate, making it easier for you to do these things. Here's everything you need to know about them.

The different types of palate expanders

There are two main types of palate expanders: fixed and removable. Fixed expanders are glued to the teeth on either side of the palate. A dentist can only remove them. Removable expanders are held in place by wires that go around the teeth. They can be removed by the patient but should only be taken out when instructed by a dentist.

The decision of which type of expander to use is usually made by an orthodontist based on the individual case. In general, fixed expanders are used for children, while removable expanders are used for adults. This is because children's bones are more pliable, making it easier for the palate to be expanded.

The benefits of using a palate expander

There are many benefits to using a palate expander. The most obvious one is that it can make chewing and swallowing easier. It can also improve speech. If you have a narrow palate, you may find that you mispronounce certain words or make sounds that you wouldn't otherwise make. This is because the tongue has less room to move around. Expanding the palate gives the tongue more room to move, making it easier to produce clear speech.

In addition to these functional benefits, palate expanders can also improve the appearance of your teeth. A narrow palate can cause the teeth to crowd together, which can lead to crooked or overlapped teeth. Expanding the palate creates more space for the teeth, helping them to stay straight.

If you're considering getting a palate expander, speak to your orthodontist. They can assess your individual situation and recommend the best type of expander for you.
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