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Common Symptoms Of Root Canal Problem

Posted on 8/8/2022 by Jonathan J. Golab, DDS, PA
Common Symptoms Of Root Canal ProblemFor the many people curious about knowing the primary symptoms associated with root canal conditions, do not worry. You are in good hands with us. Some of the symptoms include.

Persistent pain

Tooth pain is one indicator that something is not right. If one is experiencing pain while drinking, chewing or eating, it is time for a dental checkup. Our dentist will examine the teeth to look for inflammation (which is another sign that something is off). At the same time, there are various reasons for inflammation and pain. A diagnosis will determine if a root canal is needed.

Chipped/cracked tooth

Teeth can crack or chip for several reasons, like eating hard foods, a previous dental procedure or a sports-related incidents. A cracked tooth or chipped one can expose the nerve system and lead to infections. To an extension it can enter the blood and cause additional issues.

Cold or heat sensitivity

Another common sign of root canal problems is tooth sensitivity. It could signal a root canal complication if you feel a sharp pain when drinking a hot or eating something cold. For some other patients, a symptomatic pain can start dull then it eventually become sharp to intense.

Swollen gums

A variety of dental conditions cause swollen gums. The dentist will examine the inflammation to determine the cause of swollen and painful gum. Sometimes, the signs and symptoms will point to a root canal issue then the dentist recommends a root canal treatment.

Prolong sensitivity

Prolonged tooth sensitivity with long-lasting irritation can signify a damaged root. This condition does not heal independently and therefore requires a proper diagnosis from your dentist. The proper treatment for a damaged root would be a root canal treatment.

Tooth discoloration

Several reasons cause tooth discoloration. Poor hygiene, stained enamel, or nerve damage. In situations that have deteriorated, there could be a damaged root or nerve, which would likely require a root canal treatment.

If you experience one or multiple symptoms, visit our clinics for appropriate examination and dental treatments. Call us to book an appointment today.

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