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Holistic Dentistry

A smiling holistic dentistry patient in Flower Mound, TXWe are a dental practice with a unique approach... to stop the endless cycle of patchwork dentistry. We know our patients by their name, not their insurance number and co-pay. We make a profound difference in your life based on honest communication and personalized customer service with our dentistry.

Mercury Fillings

Dr. Golab and his team all espouse a mouth free of metal and employ procedures to ensure that all metal particles leave the body rather than stay embedded within your tissues. We have devoted and continue to devote many hours towards very specialized and extensive training in biological dentistry. We recognize that the dental materials and procedures utilized to treat the teeth and jaws may intimately affect your immune system and overall health.

We offer methods to eliminate the potential for allergy and/or toxicity of metals with the least disturbance to your immune system and your overall body balance. Mercury fillings, metal crowns and metal dental bridges, along with root canals, are the potential source of horrendous pollutants, toxins, metals, carcinogens, and bacterial infections.

Equally damaging are the cracks and crevices caused by these metals restorations that are the breeding ground for very harmful bacteria. Having metal in your mouth is like licking a metal lollypop your entire life. In addition to corrosion and tarnish, enzymes in saliva may break down metal and possibly continuously seep into the body. The detoxifying capacity of the body simply cannot compete and metals may remain in vital organs. It causes havoc in the body, hampers immunity, and is responsible for many disorders and unexplained symptoms.

Many people have the old style, black silver/amalgam dental fillings. But did you know that these silver fillings are 55% mercury and only 30% silver? That means that they are relatively only 15% silver! To call these fillings silver/amalgam is not only inaccurate, but misleading. Mercury is classified by the Merck Manual as a poison. The FDA classifies it as a Class II poison. Mercury scraps must be stored in a dental office in an air tight container within a fixative and disposed of by a specialized waste removal company. It is the law that when a mercury filling is placed in a patients mouth, the excess particles must be stored underwater, in an air tight container , labeled as poisonous, and taken away from the dental office by a hazardous waste material company. However, it is ok to store the mercury filling in a patients mouth?

Mercury is a known poison and is very volatile. This means that it may give off a mercury vapor when exposed to changes in temperature or when you chew. There is enough mercury in one large filling to contaminate a 10 mile square lake sufficiently to restrict fishing. Mercury is clearly implicated in causing damage to your heart and blood vessels, kidneys, and brain. It is a potential causative factor in Alzheimer's Disease .

If you are considering becoming pregnant and planning a family, you may want to have all the mercury filings removed six months prior to becoming pregnant. Mercury contaminates the fetal blood supply, as well as presenting a potential hazard to nursing mothers.

As a dentist, there is a very strict protocol that must be followed when removing mercury fillings in order to minimize your exposure to mercury and other harmful metals. We follow and adhere to the guidelines of the IAOMT (International Academy Of Oral Medicine And Toxicology).

Once the mercury dental filling is removed, the most predictable method of tooth restoration is he tooth colored inlay. While tooth colored fillings have provided an attractive, conservative, and cost effective method of restoring a tooth, their longevity is limited. The alternative technique of the inlay provides the longest lasting, most stable, cosmetic dental restoration currently available today.

Dr. Golab and his team understand the importance of working closely with your selected health care professional to ensure that you receive the ultimate care in alternative dentistry. We want to give you enough knowledge to become informed and to make wise choices about your own dental health and the health of your family.

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Amalgam Removal Protocols

As important as it is to have the mercury and metals removed from your mouth, it is equally (or maybe even more) important to use proper removal protocols. It has been shown, that when amalgam is cut, much higher levels of mercury vapors are released. Due to the volatile nature of these vapors, they are much more easily absorbed by the body. That is why it is so important that this process is done correctly. In our office, we adhere to the guidelines set by the IAOMT, which are as follows:

International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology IAOMT Protocol for Mercury/Silver Filling Removal Patient protection:
First in every concerned doctor's mind, is the protection of the patient from additional exposure to mercury. This is especially true of the mercury toxic patient. The mercury toxic patient may have been exposed to varying amounts of mercury from diet, environment, employment or from mercury/silver dental fillings. All forms are cumulative and can contribute to the body burden. The goal of this preferred procedure is to minimize any additional exposure of the patient, ourselves, or staff to mercury. During chewing the patient is exposed to intra-oral levels which are several times the EPA allowable air concentration. During the removal or placement of amalgam the patient can be exposed to amounts which are a thousand times greater than the EPA allowable concentration. Once the drill touches the filling temperature increases immediately vaporizing the mercury component of the alloy. There are 8 steps to greatly reducing everyone's exposure. Keep the fillings cool. All removal must be done under cold water spray with copious amounts of water. Once the removal has begun, the mercury vapor will be continuously released from the tooth.

Root Canal Therapy

The issue of whether or not to perform root canal therapy is an issue of controversy - even among biological dentists. While there are a small number of practitioners that believe ALL root canals are to be avoided, there are also many, like myself, that believe root canals to be a valuable service - IF PERFORMED PROPERLY.

The problem with root canal therapy is that the root of a tooth (teeth can have as few as one or as many 5 or 6 roots) usually has one main canal running its entire length. This canal can generally be easily cleaned and filled. The problem is that the material that makes up the rest of root actually consists of millions of tiny tubules. It is in these tubules, that bacteria can continue to grow. It is believed, that the toxins produced by these bacteria (called a focal infection) are powerful immune suppressors.

Additionally, many people believe, that the heavy metals (like Cadmium) used in conventional root canal filling materials, can disrupt the bio-energetic pathways in the body.

I strongly urge you to read the pamphlet "Saving Teeth Through Root Canal Therapy" and Dr. Mercola's interview with Dr. George Meinig - as a matter of fact, we will not perform Root Canal Therapy on you until you do! My greatest concern is that patients proceed without knowing all of their options. In my opinion, the topic of Root Canal Therapy is, that it is not simply a black and white issue. Every patient must be evaluated to determine not only their desires, but also if they can tolerate this type of procedure. "All Root Canals are Infected, but NOT all Root Canals are Toxic" Dr. Boyd Haley, Professor of Chemistry (Univ. of KY) who has extensively researched the toxicity of Root Canals and Amalgams.


While it is true that fluoride does make the surface of the teeth more resistant to acid, the question is, at what expense? Proper dental hygiene and diet play a much more important role in the prevention of decay. So what we try to do in our office is to evaluate each patient individually.
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