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Over time, even healthy teeth begin to look drab and yellow. Something as simple as whitening your teeth can have a dramatic impact on your appearance. Our safe and easy techniques can transform your smile from dingy to bright.

Our whitening procedures are simple, safe, and effective. With our in-office whitening method, you will see results immediately. Our products are prescription quality so they produce the whitest smile possible, while ensuring that your teeth and gums are treated gently. Most of our patients prefer this simple method to whiten and brighten their look. The appointment takes less than an hour, and by the end you will have achieved a significant change in your smile. Many patients see an improvement of seven to nine shades whiter in a single session.

Another option for teeth whitening can be done in the comfort of your home. We carefully prepare impressions of your teeth at our office. The impressions are used to make plaster molds of your teeth. From the molds, we create custom whitening trays. These trays are made of a clear plastic and fit your teeth comfortably. We provide instructions on use of the trays at home, along with our prescription quality whitening gel to achieve beautiful results. After a few weeks of wearing the trays for a limited time daily, you will see a dramatic outcome. And, the at-home trays allow you to touch up your smile any time. You will be amazed by the difference.

Some patients choose both in-office and at-home options. They enjoy the immediate effects of the office treatment and are able to maintain a brighter smile with the home program.

We will be happy to discuss these alternatives with you and help you make an informed decision.


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